Netdrive2 modify xml files

When we use netdrive2 to transfer XML files from an extrernal FTP the files are modified
By example
The wrong text included in the file transmitted is:
rem Confirmati

netdrive2 cuts the last part of this statement and it should be:
rem Confirmation>

Using filezilla and changing the sentence mget by retrieve we can get the correct files
Any solution???

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Is the file changed directly from the ftp server, not changed via NetDrive2?
If so, this seems unlikely to be solved.

Sorry about that.

We use netdrive2 to map the FTP and then we use an script to copy the files from the ftp net drive to another drive
The original file is cut at the tail of the text

Is there other way to do it?
It not have sense this behaviour