NetDrive crashing against Micro Focus NetStage WebDAV server

We experience increasing user complaints about problems with NetDrive2 together with our Micro Focus OES NetStorage WebDAV server. Occasionally folders will not open and NetDrive drops an error message that it can not access the directory. The WebDAV client will become operative again after a restart of the PC only. Error message is “nd2svc was not executed”.
Version is 2.6.15 or the recent 2.6.19 with similar results.

Dear guenther-schwar

Sorry for inconvenience.
Could you send me a debug log file to know what happen?

Set log level to “DEBUG” and reproduce the issue.
And send me a file in folder C:\ProgramData\NetDrive2\nd2svclog.

Does this issue occur when opening certain specific folder?
Then, could you give me a test account?
It will very helpful to solve this issue.

Best regards.

Dear Mr or Ms Yoon,
thanks for contributing to my issue. I am currently trying to reproduce the problem with a sanitized data set that I can use for a test account. Currently the problem occurs with one specific folder of one of our user groups I am not allowed to share. I will come back a soon as I managed to reproduce the issue
Günther Schwarz

I’m waiting for your feedback.
Please contact to me anytime.

Thank you.

Dear Mr or Ms Yoon,

I just send you a debug log with mail as I can not upload it to this forum.

kind regards
Günther Schwarz