NetDrive and MyCloud - Possible for external access?

Hello -

Does anybody know if it is possible to connect to a Western Digital MyCloud, via NetDrive, from outside of the local network which contains the MyCloud?

I cannot get it to work - and want to know if it is even known to be possible, before continuing.



Using NetDrive, I can connect to a “public” share on a MyCloud - that has no name/password requirements.

But, as soon as a password is required, get a message to check login credentials.

Using an ftp application, the message is “Server certificate verification failed: certificate issued for a different hostname, issuer is not trusted 401 unauthorized”

I am guessing it is simply disabled in the MyCloud…but still being hopeful for thoughts/suggestions. Thanks!

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Hello Marc.

Thank yo for using NetDrive.

If you means that “no name/password requirements” is anonymous, you can connect via NetDrive.

If you check “anonymous”, NetDrive will try to connect with anonymous.