Netdrive and Fto server unavailable

NetDrive version: 2.6.19 build 977
Windows/Mac Version: Windows server 2016 Datacenter

Hello, we’re currently having some issue with Netdrive 2: we currectly map some remote FTP areas as local units and use them for data processing with custom programs.
The problem occours when the remote FTP is unavailable: netdrive keeps the relative Drive letter available (i think that some sort of cache is used for this) and the programs keeps working on that area, so we often have to deal with data that were written on the local unit but not in the remote ftp with great waste of time for understanging exactly what has been written.
Can you suggest how to deal with this? Do we have a way to automaticallydismount the network letter if the remote ftp is unavailable?

Thank you


Thank you for using NetDrive.

Unfortunately, NetDrive2 and NetDrive doesn’t support the feature you mentioned.