NetDrive 3 compatibility

Hi There,

We have upgraded a user to Netdrive 3 but the rest of our users use NetDrive 2, we connect to a NAS using WebDAV. When the NetDrive 3 users accesses files that others are using he does not get a message to say that file is open and only get read access. Everyone else who is still using NetDrive 2 gets this message if others are using the same file.


It happens because NetDrive3 changed to reload remote file list periodically. Even if you refresh Windows Explorer or Mac Finder NetDrive 3 does not read remote file list between the the intervals. This is to reduce repeated request to read file list.

There is an option to force reading remote file list at every request.


Click CONFIG and you can find ADVANCED OPTION. Check the ‘Always retrieve file list from server’ to turn it on.


Hope this helps and sorry for the late response.

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Hi There, We have a new user who is using NetDrive 3 and the rest of the office is running NetDrive 2. We have a WebDAV connection to a NAS and the new user does not get a read-only message when someone else has the same file open. All the NetDrive2 users are fine. There was a suggestion on these forums to check the always retrieve file list from the server which we have done in the advanced options but this did not fix the issue.