NetDrive 3.2 Released

NetDrive 3.2 is available now.

If you experience problem when saving Microsoft Office files you must update to this version.

You can update to this version using auto-updater or download it here:

This release includes following changes:


  • Improved auto-mount to mount drives on parallel
  • Added VERBOSE log level


  • Fixed issue which prevents proper saving of MS Office files
  • Fixed some issue on user interface
  • Fixed issue on filesystem which causes invalid file size on some case
  • Fixed issue on filesystem to prevent overwriting local file information from remote while local has more recent information
  • Fixed issue which caused crash when quitting UI on some case
  • Fixed issue which caused mounted drive not shown on Explorer
  • Fixed to prevent changing protocol while connecting remote storage on add item screen
  • Google Drive - Fixed issue on file renaming
  • OneDrive - file listing bug when using show shared option
  • SFTP - Fixed issue when setting home directory
  • Amazon Drive - Fixed issue which caused failure on overwriting remote file
  • Hubic - Fixed issue on refreshing access token
  • S3 - Fixed issue on handling special characters in file name like ampersands and equal
  • S3 - Fixed issue on folder renaming and moving