Item Location Setting

Hello. Not sure I understand the option in Drive config to set the Item Location to ‘in account’ or ‘in device’. Could someone explain this?


‘In accounts’ means your drive item settings are encrypted and stored on account DB. It means that you can login NetDrive anywhere and your drive item settings are available to you because the drive item configurations are downloaded from DB.

‘In device’ means your drive item settings are sotred locally on your PC or Mac. It means that the configured drive item information is not stored online so when you want to access your remote storage on other PC or Mac you need to add drive item again.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. That answers my question but also raises another. How is the information encrypted?

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Sorry I missed your post.

We encrypt the drive settings before saving it into database. When the item is requested from user it is read from database and unencrypted.

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