Incorrect timestamps using NetDrive

We are using a Synology NAS with a shared folder. The shared folder on the NAS is setup to sync to a folder in our account using Synology CloudSync. We are using NetDrive to view the folder that is setup to sync with the Synology NAS.

When using NetDrive to view files in the folder, the file’s date modified is not preserved and is showing a time stamp that is appears to be around the time the file was synced to using Synology CloudSync. If the same files are viewed through the web interface or Box Drive the date modified is preserved and is showing the same date modified as the file on the Synology NAS shared folder.

Also, any files modified through NetDrive get their date modifed and created completely reset on the NAS shared folder. Why is this happening and is there any way to avoid this?

Hello customer.

Thank you for using NetDrive and reporting a bug.

I found that the issue is the bug of NetDrive.

I fixed it and the fixed will be included to next release version.

We are preparing to release 3.9.


When can users expect the next release and will it address both issues? The incorrect dates being displayed in NetDrive and the all the dates being reset when interacting with documents opened through NetDrive.

Thank you.

We have a plan to release 3.9 beta this week.



We release NetDrive 3.9 beta. Please update.

Thanks for using NetDrive.

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