How to prevent 2 users working on the same file

Hi there, I have a designer and an editor that’s working in an InDesign file. Usually, on our local setup if one person opens the file it prevents someone else from opening it. (It does this by creating a temporary lock file on the same folder) But after installing NetDrive3 to access our NAS server, I realized that both people are able to open the file at the same time and allthough the lock is created it does not show up on the other users files which means they are able to open it without any issues and also able to do changes. (which is a huge risk for us)

Please help!

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Dear liki,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Currently what you want is only for MS office files.
However, in the next version of NetDrive(3.9), we will provide a file lock service for all files.

The next version will be released soon. Please wait a little.



We released NetDrive 3.9 beta and it includes file lock service which works for all file types.

Please update.

Thanks for using NetDrive.