Google Drive login hangs

Last week our Netdrive login to Google drive started to hang.
A Google Internet page is opened saying “Netdrive 2 Would like to have offline access”.
Both the Allow and the Deny options are disabled, so we get stucked here.
Please advice what to do .

(Netdrive is run on a Win2008 R2 server. The Google account has Netdrive 2 as an “approved app” but there are no additional options there to set what the app would be allowed to do…)
Thx in advance/Mikael W

This is google’s page, not ours. That means we can not control that page. So we need more information. Can you send us a screen capture of your browser please?

And can you try with another browser?

Hi Alex,

Thank’s for your response.

I agree the page is Google page, but the request (“Netdrive wants to have offline access to your Google Account”) seems to come from the Netdrive app,

and this query has not been an issue before.

However, I agree the reason why I can’t click the button is definitely browser related. It is IE, and it might be so that Microsoft has issued a new service pack or something

causing this.

I solved the problem by installing chrome, copying the Internet address and query and pasted it into the Chrome browser, then I could click the button and connect. :slight_smile:

Below is anyway a screen dump of the page, for your record, if you encounter this issue from someone else.

Thank’s again/Mikael W

Good! I’m happy to hear that.

Thanks for using NetDrive!

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