Gdrive problems

Hello I use Netdrive for my Gdrive.
Unfortunately I have it since v3 that he apparently once “removed” the gdrive,
it is still displayed in the explorer.
Netdrive can not upload any more files and everything runs on error.
Unfortunately netdrive then depends on if you want to delete the failed.

Furthermore, it is not possible to update netdrive,
once the update is installed, netdrive suddenly misses the write permissions for the mounted gdrive.

Used and Tested OS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012

Can you try uninstall/reinstall NetDrive please?

Not a exact same situation but some anti-virus software like Symantec End-Point Protection, blocks NetDrive installation. So please check your anti-virus software too.

Hello, yes the remove and installation works. But only if I install the same version again. If I install a newer, netdrive has no write rights in the gdrive, so no upload possible.
Problem exists with 4 operating systems, also the tidying of the config etc. does not help.

In addition, there is the netdrive constant error has upload to the gdrive. It indicates that 0kb files can not be transferred. These files did not actually have 0kb if you tried deleting them from netdrive. This crashes and man must restart windows.