Firewall and Proxy Setting Issues Stop NetDrive From Connecting

NetDrive version:3.5…433
Windows/Mac Version: 10 Home

Since the last two upgrades to Netdrive 3 I get an error message about not connecting to a proxy server. This morning I upgraded to the newest (beta) version to seek resolution. And then nothing worked - where before I could generally connect.

The only way I can connect now is by turning Windows Firewall OFF. This is after a complete deinstallation and reinstallation of the newest beta.

I tend to work on my laptop in public locations - so I do use Cyber Ghost to generate a secure connection to the Net and secure my WIFI. I don’t like the idea of not having my firewall off.

I did see an earlier post about how you have changed your SSL protocols. How do I do this for Windows 10 home? Is that my issue?

As a freelance consultant, I really need this to work as I rely on Netdrive to connect me to client-cloud accounts

Please advise.


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