File not dowloaded when the nom has an accent (NetDrive2 - version 2.6.19)


I have recently found that all the files with an accent (such as é, à, ç, ë, ê… french accent) are missing when I try to download a repository on ftp of my work website.

At last, I did all my works with WinSCP, it works very well and it’s free. My company paid for NetDrive2 but it has such a big bug.

If someone has the same problem ?

Thanks for fixing this.


Can you send us debug log file to inspect the issue?

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect drives.
  2. Change Log Level to DEBUG in Options screen
  3. Repeat steps to reproduce your issue
  4. Open Explorer
  5. Open %programdata%\NetDrive2 directory
  6. Zip nd2svclog directory
  7. Upload the zip file