Export NetDrive Settings and Drives

Dear all,

how can I export the NetDrive3 settings as well as the drive settings? The post [1] is not helpfully to me because there’s only a file named “core.dat”.

Currently I use the trial period.


[1] How to export drives config?

Hello René

Thank you for using NetDrive.

The post you mentioned is for NetDrive2.

I think you are using NetDrive3.

If you log in NetDrive3 with your account on another pc, you can see your same drive’s list.



Thanks for your reply.

Can I understand your reply that the information will be saved on your server? If so, than NetDrive3 is no option to me. I do not want to save all data for getting full access to my servers at your server.


If your protocol is webdav or ftp(sftp), There is an option for not saving account and password.

For other protocols please refer to the following article:

Thanks for both replies. To be honest, I do not have an issue with saving account details in general but it has to be stored on my local machine. As soon as these data are stored on external servers, this software is not an option for me. Additionally in this case it was figured out by accident - no official information neither at the software itself nor the user account even in detail view.

Please note that there are billions of account details have been stolen in January. What happens if someone is getting access to your server data? The quoted article for me is only a “we promise that your data are save at our server”.
I have another file manager which also has access to all of my cloud servers and SFTP but these data are saved on my local machines. Technically it is not necessary to save the access data at your server. Saving such data on your server is only a convenience feature.

Now I’ll delete all of my cloud servers and hope that these data will also be deleted on your server. Afterwards I’ll uninstall NetDrive3.

It’s sad for you and for me that NetDrive3 doesn’t fulfil my requirements with that issue. The other features are really good. As soon as you have implemented to save the account details on user’s local machine I’ll be back. Maybe you can let have the user decide for each cloud/server account where to save the security details.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Is there any news on this issue? Can I decide where to save the account details, either on my local machine or on your server?


Hell René

We decided to include the feature in 3.9.

We are preparing to release 3.8 soon.

I think the release date of 3.9 will be about 3 months later.


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Great! That sounds good.