Download is downloading as 0KB until second try - All Files

Hi there,

Once I download an item, it will download as 0kb and be corrupt as an empty file on the first go. But once I download it again, it will work?

What is the problem?

Using Google Drive

After setting the log level to VERBOSE, please reproduce the problem and send us the debug log file :

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.

Alex, thanks for the repsonse. See attached log file in VERBOSE mode with problem reporduced. (3.3 MB)

Let me know when you get the matter resolved.

Did you try save files from chrome to NetDrive mounted drive?

Tried to save the files from Chrome to a Net Drive mounted Drive. The drive I am using is Google Drive.?

We confirmed this issue and this will be fixed soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.

Ok. Thanks

Hi Alex,

Do you have update on fixing the issue? Was downloading again and same thing happened?

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