Copy or Move Folder or Files, with on-the-fly uploading enabled, never completes. Behavoir not as documented or expected

NetDrive version: 3.5.434
Windows/Mac Version: 10 build 1803

Moving a folder from local storage to NetDrive 3 mounted OneDrive for Business never completes as far as explorer, & NetDrive, are concerned but folder & files are removed from local storage.

The same happens with copying files to the NetDrive mounted drive & folders.

The only recourse to assure files were safe was to “Undo Move” or “Undo Copy”, but NetDrive still showed them as uploading until full quit and restart of NetDrive services.

Logs showed no errors.

The local cache was turned off but files were still showing in the cache folder as zero byte length.

Disabling both options gives the impression, as far as explorer is concerned, that the operation has completed while NetDrive shows the files still uploading synchronously. If an attempt is made to make the NetDrive mounted drive the active explorer window duing this synchronous upload the non-responsiveness (spinning pinwheel & greyed out window) give the impression that explorer has crashed.

It is my understanding that the desired result is:
A. Without any optons checked should be have like regular explorer and copy / move window should not return control back until all copy / move processing is completed.

B. If option to have explorer indicate progress the icon on the file should show as still syncronizing until the sync process completes so there is a visual indication that the upload is still in progress.

Neither of these is true.

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