Connect FTP drive through NetDrive 2 as local drive with using console

Dear support,

I’ve faced with one a little problem.
I use NetDrive 2 on my RDP server. Through NetDrive is connected FTP drive as local system drive.
I make backups on this drive.
Backup is produced under one of windows service, that starts under certain user account.
If tell more specifically, there is a Web service that has it own functional of backup.

Unfortunately, when I start NetDrive service under the same user it doesn’t mean that the local disk will be connected under the same account (as my web service). Because this account doesn’t have settings for connection of this drive.

I would like to launch a process of connection to specific Share drive with help using a separated Windows service or with help console. It will allow me connect a specific drive under certain user of Windows. Even in case of SYSTEM account.
Kindly, could you describe how can I do this?

Thank you.

PS. Right now, even if I start NetDrive application under specifiс Windows user. In the same moment NetDrive service works under SYSTEM account. All another RDP users can not see already connected local drive. Because NetDrive application has been started only one of users.

Dear customer,

I think you need a isolated drive from other users.
The drive only visible to the user who mounted the drive.
Am I right?

Unfortunately, Your issue cannot be solved with NetDrive2, but solved with NetDrive3 Team Plan.

NetDrive3 Team Plan supports a isolated drive in a windows user. As you know, the type of the drive must be a local drive not a network drive.

note : NetDrive3 Personal Plan doesn’t support this.


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