Cant login into the Desktop App - There is another user logged in


i have an issue with the login. I switched form my old Email-Account to my Google Account for the login process.
I have logged out and tried to login with the Google Button.
The website opened as usual, with the message: “Authentication Completed”. But the App gives me the error message:“There is another user logged in”.

I have two licenses but my Laptop, with the 2nd one, wasnt running at the time.

The message means that NetDrive is used by another Windows user on the same machine. Please check if there is another Windows user account on the same machine which uses NetDrive.

With personal plan you can use NetDrive only in one Windows account on the same machine.

If you want to use NetDrive on multiple Windows account on the same machine you need Team plan.

Thanks for your advice.

But i bought 2 licences. One for my Desktop and on for the Laptop. There are only one windows account on each machine.
The only thing i wanted to do, was to switch the bdrive accounts in the application. From the old one (with my old email adress) to my Google Account. So i have logged out and clicked the “Google Account”. The i got this message.

Hello kriwato.

Another Bdrive Account may be logged in with auto-login setting.
If you are sure that no other accounts are logged in, it will be resolved by deleting C:\ProgramData\NetDrive3\ndcore.dat and rebooting.


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