Can't change password

Hi - I just purchased a license for NetDrive 3 and I’m having a lot of trouble with your administrative access. First, I tried to set up a new account with a different email address than my trial, but I never received the account confirmation link (after about 30 min). So I decided to stick with the original trial account and change the password, but that isn’t working either. It keeps taking me back to the reset password dialog.

My original password was via Google identity login.

Please advise.


How you have purchased a license? Give me please exact URL.please.I had a working version of NetDrive 3 but for a short time only.

Hi, you can login and NetDrive with your Google accounts. There is no password you can reset on our system because users who uses Google login does not have passwords on our system.

If you already have a working license you cannot purchase another license.

I’d like to change it and not use the google login. How do I do that?

Here is the link you need :

Details of PERSONAL Plans can be found in the following site :

NetDrive3 trial version is valid for 2 weeks and you may download it from the following site :

Thank you very much.

Hi - Someone else hijacked this thread and you responded to them but not to my question that started this thread! I asked how I can change from a google login to a standard email/password.

It will be answered to your private message soon. Thank you.