Cannot view files from team drive(local drive)

Maybe I am misunderstanding the point of this software, but my brother lives in a different state and we share a plex account.
I wanted a way of unifying our Libraries, and the only way to do that is from folders that are all on the same computer.

With that being said, I thought this program would let us mount my drive to his computer or his to mine.

Right now I am testing it on multiple computers at my house and I am not having any luck. When I mount a local drive it, it will show up on the other computer but it tells me that there is one byte free and when I click on the drive, it tells me “file list not found”.

Either I am doing something wrong, or I am misunderstanding the point of this software entirely.

Dear tschwartz728,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

To access your library, you need to install a protocol (eg FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, etc.) on the PC used as the library. And you need to install NetDrive on PC that want to access the library and create a Drive Item to access it.
Then mount the Drive Item as a local drive and install PLEX to access the drive.

Please check the URL below for how to connect NetDrive and PLEX.


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