Cannot create new Word docs from a MAC

NetDrive version: 3.6.344
Windows/Mac Version: Mojave

Whenever a document is modified of created using Netdrive 3 from this particular MAC, Word crashes and takes Netdrive along with it. The Netdrive app cannot be closed by any means and the Mac (a new airbook) must be restarted. So far we have re installed Netdrive twice, removed and reinstalled Office 2016 for Mac and updated to the latest O/S. We were also getting a Fuse error but re installing the latest version of Netdrive seems to have fixed this.

Another identical Mac does not have this problem and works happily on the same connection without issue.

Hello simonains.

Thank you for using NetDrive.

We found some bugs while working with MS Office 2016 on MAC.

The issue you faced will be fixed in next release version 3.7.

We are preparing to release it soon.