Cannot Add folders/files to S3 newly created buckets


NetDrive version: 3.7.687
Windows/Mac Version: Windows Server 2012 R2

I’m able to connect to my newly created S3 bucket but I’m not able to browse to any of the subfolders. They aren’t listed as an option when mounting. Additionally, when I browse the mounted drive I do not see them.

This may be related or may be a separate issue, but when I try to create a folder in the mounted S3 drive I get the following windows error:
Error 0x8000FFFF: Catastrophic failure

I’m able to add a file without an error but it doesn’t actually save to the bucket.

After about 7 hours it starts working fine… My old NetDrive version 3.6.548 - works fine with newly created bucket. Please investigate. You can find attached logs in Verbose mode. Thank you! (143.1 KB)



We will review the log files soon, then let you know the result.




Any update?


Sorry for the late response. I wll check and get back to you.

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