Buggy and unstable

NetDrive version: 3.6.571
Windows/Mac Version: W10

I bought the team version with 4 users.
Unfortunately we are all experiencing a myriad of issues.

  1. W7 users are requested to enter proxy settings, which doesn’t work.
  2. Once entering our office network, we can no longer use the external IP address.
  3. my device name (admin) is deleted
  4. After I rebooted, I get the message “you cannot use this version. Please install the version you can use.”

Very disappointed that such an unfinished version is released.
Please suggest fix

NetDrive have to be connected with bdrive server, that means you need internet connection always.

If not, you can not run NetDrive properly.

Yes that’s obvious but not the problem.

Our Synology has an internal IP (192.168.x1) and an external IP (y.y.y.y) set up via the Webdav app.
We’ve set up Netdrive for use on the road, so Webdav connects with our external IP y.y.y.y
As soon as we enter the office and our laptop gets the address 192.168.x2, Netdrive is no longer able to make the connection via the Synology’s external IP FOR MOST OF THE COMPUTERS.

The interesting part is that every computer reacts differently and also asks fro proxy information (which we don’t use) from time to time on some computers.

Finally, from the 5 devices we registered so far, only 2 are displayed in my admin bdrive account, and my device’s name is always changed back to the generic name.

We couldn’t get NetDrive to work reliably with W7 and W10 laptops.
The good thing is, I learned that Synology has a free VPN add-in and it is stable, fast and free.
Sorry, but you just lost 6 customers. Support is below par.