Application Conflict

NetDrive version:3.7.687
Windows/Mac Version:windows 10

When starting Quicken, I receive this error The procedure entry point ?asInt64@ValueJson@@QBE_JZ could not be located in the dynamic link library c:\Program Files (x86)\BDrive\NetDrive\nd3api.dll

Hello harry

Thank you for using NetDrive.

It’s very weird issue.

I will research about why does Quicken try to load nd3api.dll of NetDrive.


If you want to troubleshoot using Teamviewer on my pc, just let me know. I am thinking it because NetDrive put this DLL in the Path environment

Hi Jyyoon,

Just seeing if you need anything from me? Thanks for researching this for me .

Hello harry.

Thank you for your kind feedback.

I’ve researched about this issue.

As you guess, it’s caused by “PATH environment variable”

NetDrive add the installed path to “PATH” for a shell dll of NetDrive.

The shell dll is loaded by explorer.exe so adding the installed path is needed.

I will more research about it to avoid this issue.