A few programs give Error after upgrading to NetDrive 3

You closed this once before and told the poster to contact quicken… IT IS NOT A QUICKEN PROBLEM
I had the same issue with quicken and other programs Too… after installing NetDrive 3, did not have the problem with net drive 2… other programs crash and give this same message too…

The procedure entry point ?asInt64@ValueJson@@QBE_JZ could not be located in the dynamic link library c:\Program Files (x86)\BDrive\NetDrive\nd3api.dll

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I can confirm that I also got a ‘procedure entry point’ error. For me it was whenever I launch Google Earth Pro and the error is for a call to …\NetDrive\swift.dll. I had installed the latest 3.4 beta. Once I uninstalled it, I could open Google Earth Pro without error again.

Thanks for your help in resolving this. Until then, it sound like I might be installing version 2.6…

Dear charliek

It’s very weird thing why quicken loads nd3api.dll of NetDrive.
I guess there is a json dll in quicken folder and NetDrive folder but even though that, nd3api.dll is not totally relative with quicken. I wonder why quicken tries to load nd3api.

Since the subject to load is quicken, I think it is better to ask the quicken vendor why quicken loads nd3api.dll.

Plus, if you want to have a remote session to figure out what’s wrong, check your private message.


Dear e1c8-netdrive

Thank you for your reporting.
I installed Google Earth Pro and tried to check your issue.
But I couldn’t find out any problem.

Could you give me more detail information? etc) os, x86/x64, and screen capture

A few thoughts:

  1. Perhaps it depends on installation order. In my case I installed NetDrive after Google Earth.

  2. NetDrive adds an entry to the system PATH. I think it is related to that. It appears when these other programs launch they open a dll in the NetDrive folder thinking it is the one they want to use. If that is the case, renaming the DLLs, or removing the system path entry, would resolve that issue.

  3. I am running on 64-bit Windows 10 and Google Earth is 64-bit as well. The other user was a 64-bit as well I believe.

Happy hunting!


PS: If none of this helps, let me know. I can private send screenshot or recording of going through the steps to recreate the error.

Dear Anton.

Thank you for your feedback.
I will check your issue again.
If I need your help, I will ask you.


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